Creating art from words is a craft that has been in existence for hundreds if not thousands of years. Since the days of the Mesopotamians, 4000 years ago, when they created tiny square pieces of clay and etched hieroglyphics onto them and then through the middle ages when they first started to create shapes and objects, people have always been fascinated by the skills employed. From handwritten and very tiny messages to artworks, and even to its use to convey highly secret messages, this form of art has stood the test of time although there are very few artists in this field currently.

Whilst at first it appeared to be an easy thing to do, I quickly found out that there were traps and hurdles just waiting for me. I persevered and eventually got to a stage where I was able to create not just images from words, but words that added meaning to a particular image.

And that’s what I do, I create Artworks from words, and every picture, tells a story. Sometimes I create pieces to turn into prints that are decorative but convey an additional something special for everyone, a hidden message amongst the shape and form of the work. On other occasions I take on custom work for clients, these are pieces that have a personal message and have a meaning that they and the recipient know only too well.

So that’s about it! I use words, sometimes extremely small words, to create handwritten artworks for the enjoyment of my customers.